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Reasons why you should look at platform-driven approach for Data Analytics?

Fail fast, finish strong A few days back, we asked this question on LinkedIn. What does having a great Data Analytics Platform mean? Confidence in accessing and using the right data from a single source, without worrying about systems, formats, protocols, and security. Flexibility to build your own custom big data and analytics applications, without […]

Data Gravity: Are you maximizing the opportunity, or grappling with the challenge?

In the world of Data and Analytics, the term Data Gravity is now almost a decade old. The question is how well you are recognizing the opportunity and trying to maximize it. For starters, Data Gravity refers to what happens when we move to a Data First philosophy – which anyway has become inevitable today. […]

Who says SMBs do not need or cannot afford Data Analytics?

SMBs can afford Data Analytics Srihari Allamsetti Founder CEO A question often debated when it comes to Big Data is ‘whether small and medium businesses (SMBs) need to invest in Data Analytics? Moreover, does it give enough ROI? Some commentators on technology believe that Big Data is for big enterprises; the analytics and visualization needs […]

Rapid change in Risk Management for banks and financial services companies calls for rapid adoption of data engineering and advanced analytics

Srihari Allamsetti Founder CEO Chris Skinner, author of books like Digital Bank and ValueWeb, says – Now we’re seeing what I call ‘the complete open sourcing of financial services’ through apps, APIs and analytics. So the front office relationship is in an app. The middle office processing is through an API, and the back office […]

Empirical decision making for business excellence. How are you using your data?

Srihari Allamsetti Founder CEO In Sales, Marketing and Business Development – as well as business strategy in general – taking decisions based on data (hard facts as it has been referred to in an earlier era) is not something new. In a HBR story, Kristina McElheran and Erik Brynjolfsson opine that at their most fundamental […]

If your Technology, Analytics and Marketing teams are still overwhelmed with data management, they are not alone!

Srihari Allamsetti Founder CEO   Every other sector of the economy perceives data as the magic potion – a super value resource, which when used smartly will deliver that winning edge. Over the last decade, some of the key technology investments organizations made have been in the area of ‘Big Data.’ Even today, amidst all […]

‘Data driven decision making in real time means ability to experiment with data. Is your traditional ETL process up for it?

Srihari Allamsetti Founder CEO Did you know that the trigger for developing business intelligence systems goes back to the early Cold War era? In his seminal article, “A Business Intelligence System” (1958), Hans Peter Luhn of IBM described business intelligence as “an automatic system…developed to disseminate information to the various sections of any industrial, scientific, […]

Algorithmic Accountability

Srihari Allamsetti Founder CEO   Google Photos tags two human beings as gorillas. How did that happen? It happened because that was the data that we fed to the algorithm. In the data scientists’ world of 0s and 1s, we are continuously separating the “good” from “bad”. How can we judge where to draw that […]

In Big Data world we need NoETL along with NoSQL

Srihari Allamsetti Founder CEO   Almost all use cases that we encounter today need data in real time or near real time. Traditional ETL methods will burden the production systems. That is why we need NoETL methods. Tibil has delivered this solution for a fashion retailer in Europe.  

How far can an organization grow?

Srihari Allamsetti Founder CEO   I worked with big and well-established corporations as well as small start ups. There were always discussions on growth. How much should we grow this year? How is our competition doing? What is market expecting? Mathematically speaking, a linear growth is good. An exponential growth is awesome. Both growth trajectories […]