In the world of data driven business, the gold standard in ’extracting value from data’ is the Data Lake. With the right approach Data Lake technology can be effectively used for ‐

  • ▪ Large scale data processing, including data from legacy systems, productions systems and external sources
  • ▪ Solving the problem of disparate data and arriving at a single source of truth ‐ through intelligent, seamless integration
  • ▪ Delivering Real-time Analytics by leveraging distributed computing technologies
  • ▪ Better integrating Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with in-house data

DattaVeni is a prescriptive, cloud-ready Data Lake solution for your cognitive journey that allows you to leverage data from your suite of products and data warehouses.



low-cost entry into an agile, expandable data solution


allows you to scale with new data sources for changing business needs


access to data from internal systems (ERP, CRM etc.) and external sources (like Social/ Weather) in real time

Value Addition

offers the added advantage of a business intelligence and analytics foundation layer for advanced analytics functionalities


Large-scale Data Processing

Uses technologies such as Spark, to take advantage of distributed computing, thereby enabling real-time analytics.


Employs No-SQL databases, such as Cassandra, to solve the problem of disparate data and arrive at a single source of truth.


Deploys No-ETL using software like CDC, which eliminate the need for ETL and accelerate the process.


Leverages advanced ML / AI solutions for seamless integration and reliable curation