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New Age Payment Provider

Giving the impetus Innovation demands

What's your support system when you aim to disrupt the market with an innovative solution?

Who do you want to work with when you set out to develop a ground-breaking technology?

What do you need to create an incredibly powerful platform that simplifies the use of commercial cards for the entire payments ecosystem?

Well, you need as your technology partner an organization that sees your vision, understands the challenges that can derail your path, and works at the same speed as you (or even faster) - to provide you that platform from where your innovation can take wings. That's quite simply the value TIBIL provided to a leading B2B acquirer and provider of payment technologies.

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Provider of Financing Solutions

Enabling greener pastures through smart Data Modelling

"We want to help accelerate the clean energy economy," says CEO of the leading provider of financing solutions for efficiency and renewable energy contractors, property owners, and governments in the United States.

Their objective - use PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing to fund solar projects and efficiency upgrades for homes or commercial buildings through a supplemental property tax assessment.

Their trusted data engineering & analytics expert in building the digital platform to pre-screen customers for creditworthiness - TIBIL.

The solution TIBIL provided - an integrated, cloud- based online lending platform powered by a perceptive data-modelling engine that delivered operational efficiency and substantial cost savings

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Consumer Lending Provider

Decoding Forecasting to drive business growth and operational excellence

When an organization sets out to create a new era in lending, they need a smart technology platform to power their plans.

Their mission is to empower consumers to prove their real-time creditworthiness through a proprietary process called Adaptive Risk Pricing.

They were looking for a smart forecasting tool that would enable them to better price their products and optimally manage their portfolio.

Their first choice to make it happen was TIBIL, thanks to our exceptional track record in providing data engineering, business intelligence and analytics solutions to fin tech companies.

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data engineering


Leading European Retailer

Driving high growth by transforming 'big data' into 'big advantage'

When the world's leading online luxury fashion retailer decides to seize the opportunities of a booming market, what does it do? It plans to offer style-conscious customers around the world an unparalleled online retail experience.

Who does it trust as its technology solutions partner to make it happen?
TIBIL Solutions.

And what does TIBIL offer?
Enable the client to cruise ahead on a cognitive journey with real time personalization to spur topline growth, and deliver optimization of order delivery process to sustain operational efficiency.

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Global Hypermarket Chain

Transforming wide reach into strong connect

What happens when one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world decide to reimagine the customer experience with rewards, promotions and campaigns through the year?

They face the prospect of a massive technology transformation involving extensive, complex data engineering.

Whom do they trust to deliver that transformation that entails exceptional insight into Retail industry along with unmatched experience in the art and science of leveraging big data for efficiency, engagement and smart growth?

They chose TIBIL Solutions. And we, at TIBIL, delivered one of our largest, sophisticated data engineering and analytics solutions that simply made our client rock with their customer experience management.

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data engineering


Medical Diagnostic Solutions Provider

Reinventing healthcare with data and personalization

"We want to be the world's leading innovator of connected multi-functional diagnostic devices designed to seamlessly support providers with actionable patient data that will increase efficiencies, reduce errors and improve patient care while lowering overall healthcare cost," says our healthcare services client.

As they set out on a mission to make healthcare monitoring simple, they were looking for a technology partner to develop a product that would make it possible by leveraging the possibilities of digital innovation.

Their choice - TIBIL Solutions.

What we delivered - Omni Health Monitoring System (OHMS), a state-of-the-art product that combines IOT, mobile delivery, data analytics, CRM, and social media to enable real-time, complete, customized, 24/7 patient engagement anywhere in the world.

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data engineering


Industry Body for Cable Companies

Sense from sensors. Value out of volume.

As Energy & Utilities companies move from traditional networks to smart grid-enabled energy systems, there is a great opportunity for the cable industry to measure performance of their products and create better strategies.

The challenge is to make sense out of huge volumes of data - through a robust data processing framework topped with a strong analytics model.

The trusted technology partner to make it happen - TIBIL Solutions.

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data engineering


Tech-driven , Non Profit Organization

Strong and consistent fact-check. Support in creating a far-reaching impact

When an innovative, technology-driven nonprofit organization embarked on creating open access to learning opportunities for millions - they embarked on a journey with multiple technology challenges.

The need for reliable, robust analytics on the apps and portals they are developing was a key business priority. And to make it happen, they chose an expert who brings advanced capabilities in both data engineering and data analytics as well as a complementary approach to platform driven data solutions - TIBIL Solutions.

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New Age Non Profit Organization

Enabling a societal platform to take wings

When a new age nonprofit organization wanted to reimagine effective water governance through data on water resources and their use, they embarked on a journey that nobody undertook earlier. Their goal - build a free and open source data portal for water resources information in India.

Their technology solutions provider for delivering advanced analytics - TIBIL Solutions.

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data engineering


Predictive Marketing Analytics Firm

Hitting the sweetspot of sales productivity - intelligent targeting, engaging, and acquiring

How does a leader in Predictive Marketing Analytics for B2B Marketers redefine what it means to be sharp at marketing in present day world? They do it by simply becoming sharper themselves!

Their mission: Make B2B marketing as personalized as B2C marketing. Their need of the hour: A data foundation to help enterprises better understand their target audiences, and an execution platform to engage those audiences in meaningful ways.

Their choice for creating the business intelligence & analytics backbone: TIBIL. Our value add to them: Connect all data points for a 360-degree view of customers and prospects; segment audiences to identify the most attractive targets; and activate conversations across all channels to drive personalized campaigns and programs

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Automation, Mobility and Analytics for operational efficiency

When your mission is to be the industry leader in logistics, and plan to get there through digital transformation of your operations, you require a solutions partner who can bring business acumen, process knowledge, technology expertise and most importantly the ability to see your big picture.

When you want strong business results out of your technology investments, you need a solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, enhances your operations, and delivers intelligent automation.

When you want to make your operations easy, smart and efficient, you need digital enablement that is simple, agile and feature-rich.

This is the story of how a leading Logistics solutions provider achieved operational efficiency with TIBIL's application development.

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Real Estate Company

For a REAL impact on sales efficiency and customer engagement

When a forward thinking real estate company wanted to better engage and serve their customers, they imagined a pathbreaking scenario where potential buyers of properties can find the right properties that match their lifestyle interests enabled by technology and data analytics.

The idea needed to be put into practice through a global SaaS platform that helps real estate agents better engage with their customers and peers, and position properties to customers based on a transparent, objective, and data-driven approach. To the end customer - the buyers of properties, it is a deal that goes beyond expectations.

The technology solutions provider, who rose to the challenge of making this a reality - TIBIL Solutions.

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