Order Management System on Cloud

Orchestrate your order over the cloud

Order management solution helps you in getting end-to-end multi channel visibility enhancement over your supply chain management like inventory, delivery and service availability which in turn results in smart decision-making in your order life cycle. Enabling it on cloud gives you access to your data through the internet anytime from anywhere in the world while your data is kept safe in a cloud server at an affordable price. Irrespective of reduction in terms of infra structure you get to optimize the running of your business with lot more flexibility.
Our services includes features like high availability, instant scalability and accessibility, a one stop solution for all the cloud related needs of your organization
The features and benefits of order management system on cloud include:

  • Simplified customer orders, allowing users to access, modify, or change a line item in an entire order
  • Provides call center representatives with real-time access to order, inventory, and delivery information, thus ensuring faster resolution time for customer inquiries and increased customer satisfaction
  • Allows you to query inventory at any location to fill orders from the optimal location or vendor, thus reducing shipping costs and accelerating delivery time
  • Ability to monitor cycle times and identify bottlenecks to streamline order processing
  • Capture customer data at the beginning of the relationship to eliminate asking for repeat information at different phases
  • Identify product flaws to reduce returns and cancellations
  • Ability to monitor stock levels to ensure you are meeting quantity demands
  • Automate the fulfillment process, ensure accuracy and create a smooth customer experience