Open Bravo Commerce Suite

multichannel commerce solution for agile retailers

A multichannel commerce solution for midsized and large agile retailers built on top of a truly modular cloud-ready and mobile-enabled platform, seeking to transform their physical stores channel for progressing in omnichannel retail and embrace change through a continuous innovation process
Open Bravo Commerce suite enables you to:

  • Efficiently manage all information from your suppliers including contacts, addresses, payment terms and conditions or price lists and gain accurate visibility about their performance with detailed transactional information
  • Have point of sale and rich retail transactional functionality
  • Efficiently manage your online orders and integrate the e-commerce solution of your choice
  • Synchronize product and price data, orders and shipment information, to provide accurate information to your online shoppers and get real-time visibility about online orders as soon as they are registered
  • Easily extendible mobile, web and cloud-ready development platform
  • Increase staff productivity and empower your employees with a modern web user interface which is easy to use and learn and can be personalized to end user preferences
  • Leverage a flexible and powerful security model that allows an effective control of system accessibility, accurate operational execution and auditing capabilities for full compliance with all your security policies
  • Leverage prior IT investments with an easy to integrate platform through web services and third party connectors
  • Reduce manual work and increase data quality with process automation tools and BPM support that allows process scheduling, real time alerts, mail and data integration
  • Have platform scalability and deployment flexibility either on premise or in the cloud with a flexible server architecture and powerful technology stack that allow you to scale the solution as business grows
  • Have CRM functionality including complete customer information, customer classification based on categories, customer ordering history and customer statements
  • Make more informed decisions and get customer intelligence with powerful embedded analytics that enable the creation of OLAP cubes and personalized analytical report