Building Knowledge Warehouses

Single source of truth for analytics solutions










The economic flux of the markets requires businesses to respond to changing situation in a very fast manner. For businesses, to be able to make real time strategic decisions requires the learning from past and present. The traditional data warehouses stack data in an organized form, which is meant to support the processes or simpler queries. Data driven decision making, requires leveraging on the existing data and be ready for the present and future which can be achieved by having Knowledge Warehouses.

Knowledge Warehouse is a simple but intelligent way to store information in a fashion which helps decision support systems (DSS). Traditionally data from various data sources is stacked in Data Silos to be utilized by various departments. Knowledge Warehouse stores the data from various data points in a organized fashion conducive to the industry of operation. The storage of data based on time series, dimensions allow data to be stored in a way on which decision sciences result can be derived in very short span of time.

The benefits of Knowledge Warehouse include faster turnaround on data and executives spend less time looking for information. The businesses which need to analyze customer behavior, inventory control, and financial control on periodical intervals can benefit a lot from Knowledge Warehouse. The Knowledge Warehouse will be the intelligent data mart where analytical models like scorecards, propensity models and so on can be built.

The changing dynamics of marketplace and fast pace socio-cultural environmental changes influence the customer in a way never seen before. The businesses need to adapt faster and make data driven decisions. Knowledge Warehouse is the smarter way to be prepared for the present and future.