IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Integrate your critical B2B processes, transactions and relationships

Accurate, timely, and comprehensive data integration amongst all entities internal and external is the bloodline of any business ecosystem. When this critical function fails, the business practically comes to a standstill - avoiding such a situation should be every manager’s top priority. IBM's B2B Integration Services rises up to this challenge - by ensuring smooth electronic communication of all business transactions, such as orders, confirmations, invoices, etc. We provide Integration Services that enable organizations to conduct their business collaboratively.
Every organization has unique needs. IBM B2B Integrator offer services, which has been designed to empower you to meet your unique business challenges. With over 20 years of team expertise in B2B Integration Services across industries, it offers customers quality solutions that helps them to optimize operations and enhance the bottom-line. We are committed to providing our customers “nothing but the best” Integration Services with passion, consequence, and expertise
Our services include, but are not limited to :

  • Facilitating security-rich integration of complex B2B processes across enterprise boundaries
  • Providing a single, flexible B2B gateway that enables companies to meet a wide range of B2B integration needs including disaster recover
  • Increasing visibility into and across multiple supply and demand chain
  • B2B integrator Mobile to utilize the potential of mobile devices
  • Providing a graphical data mapping tool for any-to-any data mapping and translation
  • Offering advanced encryption and role based control on data access
  • Smooth onboarding for connecting with associates more quickly
  • A wide range of Adapters for connecting with many other enterprise applications and messaging platforms
  • Automated document processing categorizes, stores, monitors , and administer trading partner documents
  • Predefined business process models that lets you choose them while creating models for your own business processes rather than starting from scratch
  • Supporting multiple languages (internationalization) and multiple regional data formats (localization)
  • Dashboard Interface providing a centralized system, process and trading partner information at a glance
  • Mobile monitoring tools for remote monitoring of processes and transactions